February 4 - 5, 2020
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What is Great Northwest Day?

Great Northwest Day at the CapitolSM exists as a cooperative effort by Northwest Missouri communities to unify and enhance our region’s image in Jefferson City and to pursue issues and legislation beneficial to the “Great Northwest.”

At this annual event, northwest Missourians employ a unique regional, cooperative approach to communicate with the leadership in Jefferson City. With a delegation of over 300 northwest Missouri constituents, Great Northwest Day includes introductions to the House & Senate and a regional lunch, followed by an evening buffet with State legislators, department heads and elected officials. Showcasing the evening event are community and county booths emphasizing the regional priorities and promoting local attributes.

Why Participate in Great Northwest Day?

Great Northwest Day at the CapitolSM began as a way to promote AWARENESS... through unifying and working together, the communities of Northwest Missouri find this approach is a premiere way to present issues to State Legislators and officials. It is a regional effort to influence legislation that will benefit all of Northwest Missouri and the state as a whole. A graduating class of Leadership Northwest Missouri originated the event in 2002.

Great Northwest Day Goals & Objectives

  • Create a forum northwest Missouri to meet face-to-face with legislators state-wide
  • Set priorities as a region
  • Emphasize northwest Missouri as a region while highlighting northwest Missouri participating communities
  • Create collaboration and communication throughout the northwest region

What Do Legislators Say About Our Event?

Legislators are impressed by the united front of the communities involved. Comments include:

"This is truly one of the premier events during the legislative session.  The impact of Great Northwest Day is felt throughout session as legislators and officials who once knew or cared little about our part of the state have a better understanding of the challenges we face and the priorities we have in northwest Missouri.”           - Senator Dan Hegeman, District 12

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"Great Northwest Days has become known as the best reception in the legislative session, and this year's gathering did not disappoint. Once again, the gang from our state's finest corner put on an awesome evening of entertainment and education, highlighting our great communities, explaining our challenges, and showcasing our products and talents to all members of the legislature."                           - Representative J. Eggleston, District 2

“I cannot emphasize enough how impactful this event is for informing and educating legislators from all over Missouri of our region’s concerns and needs, as well as our accomplishments and successes.  Many of my legislative colleagues told me how impressed they were with the quality of the event and the kindness of the people.  As a legislator, I am so proud to represent such an amazing group of people who work so hard and dedicate themselves to the betterment of our region.  Their efforts have certainly left a lasting impression at the Capitol!”" On behalf of the legislators in the 18 county area that make up The Great Northwest, I was proud to introduce the delegates on the House Floor. A great group of individuals making an impact for our region! Proud to represent them".  - Representative Allen Andrews,District 1 

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